Let me introduce myself.

Name: Ann LaFave Pierce

Age: 27

City: Denver, CO

Husband: Ed

Work: Student at Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver; part-time work at Metropolis Center for Holistic Health

Play: Skiing, running, golf, Pilates, gardening (with little success), cooking (with moderate success), baking, traveling to visit family in Midwest and East Coast, reading, Operation Frontline Colorado volunteer, hanging out with Ed at home

In August, I left my finance job to pursue a career in nutrition. Now I am a student in the Master Nutrition Therapist program at the Nutrition Therapy Institute. NTI’s focus is on holistic nutrition and wellness.

I hope to graduate in 2011 and start my own nutrition business. In the meantime, this blog will serve as a way for me to share and express what I learn about nutrition, either in one of my classes or as a result of my own curiosity or personal experiences.

Your question: Why would I read a nutrition blog written by someone who is not a “real” nutritionist yet, has a background in finance and is not a great cook or gardener?

My answer: You are either my mother, one of my sisters, or one of my close friends or my sisters’ close friends;


You want a place where you can read about nutrition from someone who:

Is passionate and mildly obsessed with the subject, learns new things every day that change the way she thinks and acts, is willing to do some nutritional research and culinary experimentation and then write about it here for anyone’s benefit, and - above all else - does not hesitate to occasionally enjoy ice cream after dinner (a LaFave family trademark!), a glass of wine before noon when on vacation, or a Ralphie burger and local brew (and the french fries off of Ed’s plate) from Denver’s oldest bar!

How it will work: I will post something every day. Everything will be related to health and wellness in some way, with an emphasis on a holistic approach to nutrition. Sometimes I will have a guest writer present something in their area of expertise. The links at the top (Recipes and Nutrition 101) will be linked to posts containing either a recipe or basic nutrition information. So right now they don't contain any information because I haven't posted anything yet! But soon they will.

Also, I don't have facebook up and running yet but hope to shortly.

Thanks for reading… stop by tomorrow for a great pumpkin apple pie recipe!


  1. Ann! It looks beautiful and I love the artwork. I can't wait for tomorrow's post!

  2. It's a Eureka Day! Not only have I learned that pumpkin pie has nutritional value (I already knew about the spiritual & holistic sense of well being it provides) but I have learned how to answer a BLOG! Wahoo. The site is beautiful and so are you. Looking forward to many happy ideas and interesting persectives.

  3. I will look forward to this every day, Ann!!! And, I will post my favs on twitter.com/madelinelafave - you can count on it, sister :)


  4. Thanks Dessert First and Madsie! You guys are the BEST!

  5. The blog seems like something I would enjoy reading each day. You must be an English major!!!!

  6. Ann,
    You can really help people who are enslaved in unhealthy bodies. I am thinking of persons who have debilitating diseases and truly need some nutrition guidance. I was once one of those unfortunate persons and I am glad you are here to help others. TKL in Minnesota

  7. Annie - great job launching this! I am glad I was there for all your technology questions.

    I am excited about your upcoming posts.

    I would love to understand the nutritional differneces between raw honey and raw agave....?


  8. Ann!!!!!!!!!
    This is amazing! I'm so excited to read and learn from it. I am going to call New Zealand tonight and share it with all "raw" people down under. Way to go!

  9. I cannot wait to find out more recipes I can make with the food processor that changed my life :) Congrats for getting this Annie - you're inspiring me to pursue my dreams !! Love, Grace

  10. Hi Anne~
    Your blog looks great, what a great tool for cementing everything your learning, its so important to be able to convey it to the public in a clear, attractive way. I will def check in with you often to see your posts.
    See you at Ty's wedding where we can pig out on cake and talk about saturated fats!!! lol
    x sheila

  11. Very excited for you Ann :) I'll check in often and try to stir the pot a little. Andrea and I will try your recipes, and maybe even throw a question or two at you.

    Lots of love to you and Ed.

  12. Ann -
    This is great!!! Alice told me all about it this weekend and I am so excited hear your tips! If you have any tricks to getting an 18 month old to eat anything (let alone healthy things), please share!
    Claire Wasson

  13. Ann,
    I just saw a link to your blog on facebook today and have to let you know how thrilled I am with the wonderfully informative content. I am really into naturalistic nutrion/therapy and am always looking for good sources of information and GOOD recipes. Your program at the Nutrition Therapy Institute sounds very fun and interesting. Can't wait to read the posts to come. Good luck, hope all is well. : )
    Catherine Franklin

  14. Hi Catherine! Thanks for the nice note. I always love talking to other people who are into holistic nutrition! If you ever come across any great recipes let me know and we can put them on the blog!
    Thanks again - great to hear from you.


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