Airport Eating

We’ve all done it: You are at the airport, and STARVING. Or maybe you’re just bored and dreading your two hour layover, and feel like eating something. So you head to Pizza Hut for a personal pizza, or McDonald’s, or TCBY for some “healthy” frozen yogurt (topped with Oreo cookie and gummy bears – Ed’s favorite combo).

Really, did you need that slice of pizza at 3:15 in the afternoon? Did you tell yourself that there are no healthy options so you were forced to eat McDonald’s?

Since many of us will be traveling in the next few weeks, I thought I'd give you some tips for keeping your airport visits healthy. We'll be getting plenty of worthy calories at our final destinations where someone is most likely busy in the kitchen creating all sorts of homemeade Christmas treats. Don't waste them on stale airport food!

Here are my suggestions for eating at airports:

The past few times we've traveled, I've packed us snacks. We've had quinoa with chicken, hummus with apples and veggies for dipping, sandwiches, and bags of nuts. It's easy, healthy, saves money, and tastes better than anything you can buy at an airport. This is your best option, especially if you have kids. Christmas is exciting enough for little kids - the very least you can do is give them healthy food to help balance out all of the stimulation Christmas brings!

Quiznos can be healthy if you order a small turkey on wheat with veggies – no cheese or mayo or oil. But that isn’t really an option at most airports. They have a set menu of six subs, each loaded with sauces, oils and cheeses.

Some airports (JFK, for example) have the Cibo Market, which has some natural food bars, fresh fruit and even oatmeal. This is an okay option. However, you will pay $7.50 for that organic food bar, so just be prepared.

Try The Grove. They have nuts and snacks available in bulk. This not only allows you to get a basic whole food that is a key part of your daily diet, but also allows for portion control. Only buy one or two servings of nuts, and eat them as a snack. Once I stopped at McDonald’s and just asked for a honey pack, then dipped my walnuts into it. Delicious! Although I'm pretty sure McDonald's doesn't sell raw honey...

You’ll feel better when you arrive, because you avoided a 1,200 calorie disaster and instead had a 300 calorie snack!

One last thing: Ed & I once had cheesesteaks in the Philly airport during our 7-hour delay. I do not regret this; it was the most delicious sandwich ever and we are still talking about it!!! So if you get stuck in PHL this holiday season, disregard everything I've said in this blog post...

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  1. Ann, I remember when you called to tell me about your Philly cheesesteak adventures! I'm glad you loved it!