Christmas Countdown: 3 Days

Challenge: Get outside, and take your family with you.

I love being cooped up inside on a freezing cold winter day, with nothing to do but sip wine and hot chocolate around the fireplace, play games, and share good meals together. But every once in a while it’s nice to bundle up and get outside. Play football. Take the dog for a walk (I’ll be walking Jasper the family dog!). Run in a Holiday 5k (almost every city has one!). Build a snowman. Go sledding or skating. Walk through the neighborhood to show your kids all the Christmas lights.

Remember my Thanksgiving Day blog post about the relationship between exercise and enjoyment of food? Christmas is another time when it’s important to get outside and exercise. No need to abandon the fun in the process – just bring everyone out there with you! People will enjoy it, trust me.

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