10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Bring Homemade Lunches

10. It will save you money (about $50-$25/week to bring a homemade lunch; about $35-$60/week to eat lunch out).

9. It allows you to eat lunch in 20 minutes instead of 1 hour, which means you get home earlier at night and/or get more accomplished during your workday.

8. You will avoid temptations associated with eating out: fried foods, soda or other sugary drinks, unhealthy salad dressings, etc.

7. You are in control of what you eat – making your own lunch allows you to avoid processed foods or other things you may not normally choose to eat.

6. You have the option to eat at your desk if you’re really busy (I don’t necessarily think this should become a habit, but it can be convenient at times).

5. If you can get away for 20 minutes, you can spend the time eating and reading something you enjoy, such as the newspaper or your favorite blog.

4. Option of eating lunch and spending the rest of your lunch hour walking outside to get some exercise and fresh air.

3. Imitate those who are fit and healthy. I guarantee if you look around your office, the healthiest people are those who bring their own lunch.

2. Save your extra cash for good restaurants with higher quality food – don’t spend it on something you won’t fully enjoy and appreciate.

1. You will be teaching your kids the importance of living on a budget, appreciating different food groups and food preparation, and taking control of their health.

A PWN reader asked me to blog about lunches. To me, making your own lunch is so important for overall health and balance. It takes some time and some planning. But, I think it’s worth it.

I usually make the lunches at our house. It just works out that way – Ed works full time and I work part-time and am a student, so my flexible schedule allows for me to be in charge of most meal planning and preparation. Sometimes Ed makes lunches though. It is important to both of us that we eat healthy, and we have realized how much money we save by making our own meals, so we put in the effort whenever possible. Of course there are some days when the lunches don’t get made and you have to settle for eating out. But I encourage you to make homemade lunches a priority in your household – for kids and adults.

Experiment with different procedures for lunch-making. I get up early and make breakfast and lunches at the same time. My dad likes to have his ready to go the night before. He makes it immediately after dinner while the kitchen is still “open”, and that way he can sleep in a little longer in the morning. My little sister tends to get ultra-creative and doesn’t even let her college student bare cabinets prevent her from making a lunch. Some people just regularly bring leftovers from dinner the night before.

If you don’t normally make your own lunch, it can be an adjustment. But it gets easier the more often you do it – sort of becomes routine. You start to get so familiar with lunch-making that you can do it quickly and without much thought.

Tomorrow I’ll provide some ideas for quick and easy lunches!

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