Weight Watchers, Day 1

Today I am attending my first Weight Watchers meeting.

Let me explain.

One component of my Food Therapy class is to understand some of the popular diets that exist. There is a good chance some of my future clients will walk into my office (or, dining room table) and tell me they’ve been on Weight Watchers, or Atkins, or the Paleo diet for the past two years. And, as their Nutrition Therapist, they will expect that I know what that means.

So, we split the class up amongst the ten most popular diets we could come up with, and we will all research our diets, try them out, and present on them over the course of the semester. The ultimate goal is not only to familiarize one another with these diets, but also to pull out the good things from each one and possibly use them in our own practices.

I chose Weight Watchers. I think that a lot of people try Weight Watchers, and I want to know more about it. So far I have heard from a few people who have done it, and the overall experience seems fairly positive. People seem to like the weekly meetings because it holds them accountable, and the points system allows for some freedom. However, I am curious to find out more about the Weight Watchers branded products. Are they healthy, or are they just processed foods full of sugars and artificial ingredients? Also, does Weight Watchers put too much emphasis on calories and fat and not enough on eating fresh, high-quality whole foods (think sugar-free lite yogurt vs. plain full-fat yogurt sweetened with raw honey)?

I guess I’ll find out. Thanks to everyone who has sent me input so far! It is so helpful and I will definitely include (anonymously) some of your feedback into my presentation. If anyone else wants to share some pros or cons, e-mail me at annpierce09@gmail.com!


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  1. I love running from the law. I can't wait to learn more about weight watchers!