Beautiful Blogger Award, continued!

Yesterday, I accepted the Beautiful Blogger award from Sara, the lawyer/ newlywed/ runner/ fashionista/ decorator/ cook/ world traveler who blogs here. I came up with 10 things you may not know about me, but today is the fun part. I get to introduce you to some of my favorite bloggers and hope you will start following these lovely ladies’ blogs (yes, they all happen to be female)!

1. Haute Apple Pie: Katie, Stef and Anne - You’ve heard me mention them before, and I even got to guest blog at the beginning of the year! These ladies really are the hostesses with the mostess, and they work hard to teach us how to be one too! Looking for the perfect spring break getaway? I have a feeling these three have some ideas up their sleeves…

2. The Social Secretary: Katie’s new blog has already covered a lot of ground – from a Mad Men-inspired party to a baby shower to gifts for the hostess who has it all, this girl knows what to do. And, she’s taken it upon herself to show us. I mean, who doesn’t want their very own social secretary? I’ve put in my request for a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail party, and can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

3. Elimination Diet by Umami: This blog is all about clean, healthy eating. Miriam journeyed through an Elimination Diet and blogged her recipes to prove that you can still eat wonderful foods on the diet. Just reading Miriam’s recipes and seeing her beautiful photos makes you crave those fresh, colorful foods! Miriam was a classmate at my school, Nutrition Therapy Institute, and will be starting a chef program very soon. She’s an amazing cook and a wonderful person.

4. Free Fly Flown: Colleen blogs about travel. If you feel like you need a vacation, head over to FFF and let her take you away somewhere. Her recent post on Anguilla was especially tempting. But I’d have to say my favorite part of Colleen’s blog is the travel fashion. I love having someone show me the hottest bags, shades and bikinis for my getaways! Her love of travel is obvious and the girl gets around, so head over and see where she’s going next!

5. Family Feeding Dynamics: If you have kids, this is a good one to add to your list. Katja is a family doctor but focuses on helping families raise healthy kids. She emphasizes a healthy, normal relationship with food and works to reduce the number of kids, teenagers and adults with poor body images and unhealthy eating habits. The best part about her blog is the personal aspect of it – she has a toddler and shares stories about her struggles and successes with her own daughter.

6. Fed Up With School Lunch: This woman is absolutely AMAZING. I already think being a teacher is one of the most difficult jobs, and Mrs. Q is taking things one step further: she has committed to eating the school cafeteria lunch every single day in 2010. You should see some of the things these kids are fed (she takes photos)! I admire her very much and her commentary is so interesting and informative. Recently I asked her to comment on the length of time kids are allowed for eating, because I feel that eating when rushed and in a high-stress environment can be harmful to their little digestive systems. Turns out they get 20 minutes, which includes getting lunch, finding a seat, eating, throwing away, and getting back into your classroom. Crazy! This blog is truly fascinating.

I think six blogs is enough to leave you with – catching up with these ladies should last you until Friday at least J. Remember the rules, bloggers! To accept the award, you must acknowledge the person who sent it to you, list 10 things about yourself that your readers may not know, and pass it on to other bloggers you feel are deserving!

Tomorrow: Party’s over, back to nutrition.


  1. Omg, thanks Ann!! It was so fun reading your 10 things - I didn't know you were a hunter?! That is awesome. Fly fishing looks so fun, I especially like your outfits for both sports. :)

    Can't wait to re-post, now I just have to figure out some interesting things about myself.....!!

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks sooo much Ann! I promise I'll come up with the list soon! Congratulations to all bloggers and thank you Ann for such a great blog. Miriam