Please Watch Jamie Oliver

There’s a new television show starting one week from today: “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” I think you guys should watch.

Jamie Oliver is a chef from England who has written many cookbooks. He spends a lot of his time and efforts campaigning for better meals in schools and educating both Europeans and Americans on nutrition and the importance of learning how to cook your own food.

“Food Revolution” will take place in Huntington, West Virginia. Huntington was recently named the unhealthiest city in the country. This is the first generation of children not expected to live as long as their parents, purely because their diets will lead them to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other serious health problems. Jamie’s goal is to get Huntington off that list by transforming the way its inhabitants eat in the home, schools and workplace, and then to inspire other cities in America to alter the way they think about food and nutrition as well.

Here is a preview of the show:

This show is important for so many reasons. We can all learn something from Jamie, and he will increase awareness as to exactly what America’s poor diet decisions are doing to our health. If the show is a success, maybe other schools and families ad cities will be inspired to change the way they eat as well. So please watch, because the issue concerns all of us! There is also a petition you can sign. Jamie is trying to get as many signatures as possible on a petition for more nutritious meals in schools and funding to keep cooking skills alive. After the show airs, he will take the petition to the White House to show the President and First Lady how strongly the Americans feel about this issue.

So, set your DVR or Ti-Vo and plan on watching Jamie work his magic in the unhealthiest city in America!

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