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I am taking a blogging break, beginning on Monday, May 24th. I will resume the day after Memorial Day. And as much as I love my daily nutrition research and writing and tweeting and facebooking, I am really looking forward to a week off! I am taking a week to spend some time with two of my best friends and favorite people in the whole world, my sisters Alice and Madeline. Alice gets a (well-deserved) break from work, and Madeline is a recent college grad (yay Mads!) and has a week off before she starts her new job. So, this was the perfect time for the three of us to get away. I hope I come back inspired by the nutrition in a different part of the world!

But don't worry, I have one little tidbit of wisdom to leave you with. The Denver Post has a pretty decent food column, and there was a recent article on vegetables and how much they can add to our plates and to our health. The article was written by Tucker Shaw and I really liked his opening words, so I want to share them with you. About two months ago, Ed and I started having a vegetable with every breakfast, every day, no exceptions. Some days they go into a smoothie; other days into our eggs; and sometimes we just have cut up celery or carrots with our hot cereal. But, there is always a veggie and this helps us pack more vegetables into our day, which makes us feel better and more balanced. Anyway, I really couldn't agree more with these guy's words:

You already know you should eat more vegetables. You even know the reasons why. Because they'll help you lose weight. They'll help protect you from heart disease. Stroke. High blood pressure. Cancer. Because they'll help maintain good vision and a healthy digestive system. Because when you eat more vegetables, you feel better. Your energy level goes up. Your skin glows.

But, you protest. Your family won't eat them. My kid/wife/husband doesn't like them, you say.

That's no excuse not to serve them. Vegetables are easy to prepare, much less expensive than meat, and healthy besides. They belong at every meal, on every table, in every home.

And when vegetables are in season, like now, they are utterly beautiful.

(Tucker Shaw, The Denver Post)


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