It was a busy week with nutrition for me, and I loved every minute of it! Here's an overview...

Thank you again to everyone who expressed interest in my weight loss project. It was almost impossible to choose someone, and I wish I had time to work with all of you! I think I've e-mailed everyone back, but if you haven't heard from me send me a quick e-mail so I know. I am really excited about the person I chose and very optimistic about what we can accomplish together!

I've spent the past few days following a specific nutrition plan for my blood type, which happens to be A+ (or, as I like to say, a perfect score, even though I secretly wish I was Type O). It's an assignment for my Body Typing class. I'm sure some of you have read D'Adamo's Eat Right for Your Type book. He basically believes we all need to eat a diet that is specific to our blood type. It's just one theory, but I have enjoyed learning about it because many people try this. Anyway, since I've been sticking to his suggestions I've had to do a lot of creative cooking, using mostly veggies and grains with a little bit of fish. The food has been great, but I think I'll be ready for some beef or chicken this weekend...

Lots of new info on weight loss in my class tonight. It's SO interesting and I love learning this stuff. Did you guys know that when we lose weight, we aren't actually losing any fat cells? Instead, they are just becoming smaller. The number of fat cells we have increases most rapidly during childhood and puberty, when we are growing a lot. After that, we only create new fat cells if we are consuming excess food - more than we can burn. However, if we decide to lose that weight, we don't lose the fat cells we've created. They just shrink in size. This can be part of the reason why people who lose a lot of weight have a hard time keeping it off - because they have so may fat cells inside their bodies. Hmmm. Something to think about!

I got a phone call this afternoon from a friend who is desperate. She is a volunteer at the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and her little sister is extremely overweight and has terrible eating habits. She's looking for some way to work with this girl on nutrition education. Of course I am willing and excited to help, but then I started to wonder how many more of these kids may need nutrition education. And I got this idea... I have to talk to the director of my school about it, so stay tuned! I hope I can pull it off.

Finally, the last thing I want to share is for the Denver parents out there. I work for a woman named Dr. Emily here in Denver. She is giving a talk next week called The 7 Principles of Raising a Happy, Healthy Child. It's at her office, 1705 S. Pearl Street, Suite 2, 80210, 6:00 - 7:30 pm on Thursday, May 13th. It's completely FREE, but please call or e-mail to reserve your spot. Her contact information can be found here. She's incredibly talented and I am sure this will be a very valuable lecture! I don't have kids, but I'll be there.

That's all - have a great weekend everyone!

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