Recipe: Cilantro Pistachio Pesto

This was the first week of our CSA delivery. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it involves purchasing a share of a local farm and receiving a delivery each week of whatever was harvested at that farm. It’s really great because all of the food is local, fresh and organic. Right now it’s all greens – spinach, romaine, and a couple of other types of lettuce. We also got big bunches of parsley and cilantro.

So, we’ve been eating a lot of salads at our house, as well as adding lettuce, spinach and cilantro to our sandwiches and smoothies. On a recent visit to a local restaurant, my veggie wrap contained cilantro pistachio pesto that was delicious. I decided to come up with my own version using the cilantro from the CSA.

This was quick and easy – I just threw a few things together and didn’t give it much thought. We used the pesto on sandwiches and as a dip for veggies and crackers.


Cilantro (I used about ½ bunch)

Shelled pistachios (I used about ¾ cup, unsalted)

Olive oil

Sea salt (to taste)

Mix ingredients in a food processor. Add olive oil slowly until desired consistency and taste. Serve!

This is just something simple, but the idea is that you can make your own spreads at home using a few whole ingredients. The CSA will force me to become more creative with what I make, so hopefully this is just the start of many new experiments in the kitchen!

As you can see, the pesto didn’t last long…


  1. Yummmm. This looks so good!! I wonder if it (or something similar) would taste good with mint. My mint is out of control!

  2. Katie - You can definitely make a pesto with mint! Macademias & pistachios would be good nuts to try... my mint is out of control too! I also add it to smoothies, along with parsley - delicious.

  3. I tried this Friday night, and it was delicious! The hardest part was stopping Nick from eating all the pistachios and cucumbers (for dipping) before the snack was complete!