Recipe: Sweet Beets

Just a quick recipe today for those who grow beets in their gardens; have gotten beets in their CSA box; or just want to eat more beets!

We got mini beets in our CSA box on Monday – only about 6 of them. Ed isn’t crazy about beets, so I figured I’d just eat them myself for lunch or dinner one day. But when I prepared them last night, I decided to serve them for dinner to see what he thought. The sauce I used is something I made up myself, and I added the green onions because they also were in our CSA box. I apologize for not having any photos of the final product – in all honesty, I didn’t think they’d turn out to be anything special, and certainly not anything blogworthy. But when Ed (who, let me remind you, hates beets) said he liked the beet salad and cleaned his plate, I decided I should blog it! Unfortunately, at this point, all the beets were eaten so photos were not a possibility.

It’s fast, easy, and kids may even like this.

Sweet Beets

Beets (I used 6 mini beets because that’s all I had, but when I do it again I’ll probably use 2-3 regular beets)

Raw honey


Ginger (fresh or ground - fresh will be tastier)

Soy sauce

Green onions

Steam (or roast) and peel beets. Cube into bite-size pieces, or smaller if you’re using the mini beets.

In a small saucepan, heat butter and raw honey until melted. I used about 1 tsp of each because I didn’t have many beets, but I’d use more if I had bigger beets. Add ginger and soy sauce (to taste) until well combined, then pour over cubed beets. Top with chopped green onions. Serve hot or cold.

Again, sorry for not having photos but I swear this is yummy! Oh, and don't forget to sautee the beet greens with eggs for breakfast the next morning!

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  1. We got some beets in our CSA this week (and I have some green onions too). I'm going to try this recipe. Thanks for the idea!