New PWN Website is Up!

I had lots of great comments and e-mails in response to yesterday’s post on school lunches and kids not getting enough time to eat. I’m happy to hear there are parents out there who feel so strongly about this issue!

On another note, I am really excited to announce that my business website is finally ready to go! You can visit it here, or it's also linked at the top of the blog. It took me a while to get organized but once I was, my awesome designer Lizzie Sorensen got right to work and did a great job. I told her I wanted something fresh and simple. I love her style and the other websites she has designed, so I knew it would turn out well! Thanks Lizzie! (Follow her on twitter here).

I also want to thank my sister, Alice Dickherber, and one of her friends, Katie Guymon, for providing the photographs for my website. I knew that fresh food photos would really add to the look I was going for, and when they each offered to take some for me, I was so excited. These girls have professions outside of photography, but I think they should be selling their photographs on the side! I wanted to use them all on the website, but Lizzie and I decided that less is more. However, I’ve added some of the extras throughout this blog post because they are so good! Katie also writes a blog called I Used to Vacation, and contributes to a music blog called Speakers in Code. Check them out! Follow Alice on twitter here, and Katie here.

Eventually I hope to have a Paypal account set up on my website, so clients can pay me directly through there. Right now I am offering a student rate through June of 2011, when I graduate. It's about half of what I'll eventually charge, so I hope people take advantage of it! There are also discounts for those who buy a package of sessions. I will start clients off with a free 15-minute phone consultation to make sure I’m a good fit for them, and we will schedule any appointments after that. Please forward the website on to anyone who may be interested! I can do in-person counseling out of my home office, or phone consultations for those who do not live in Denver. Between now and June I will be balancing full-time school and clients, so I will only take a limited amount. After that, I look forward to growing my business! I appreciate your help with networking.

Thanks again to Lizzie, Alice and Katie for helping me out with everything. I am really excited to start seeing more clients!

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