It May Seem Obvious But...

Note: I forgot to post this yesterday! I got it all queued up last week because I knew I had an early morning flight on Monday morning, but then I never actually posted. Late night pizza with my awesome cousins Jack and Katie, plus a 5:30 am alarm are to blame... but anyway here's yesterday's info:

I am traveling today, so this will be brief but still important!

As I mentioned on Friday, I am reading two new books for school about kids and feeding and nutrition. In the book Feeding Your Child for Lifelong Health, one section provides "Smart Strategies for Feeding Babies Four to Twelve Months Old." I won't share all 12, but there are two that really stand out. They seem obvious, yet so many of us fail to follow them.

The first is to avoid giving your infant foods that you don't want him to love when he's older. Seems pretty straightforward right? Logical - something every parent would think of. Yet over and over again, you see parents feeding their kids things like fast food, fruit snacks, candy, or soda. And although there are some crazy parents out there, I am confident that NO parent wishes poor eating habits upon their children when they get older. So, this is something to keep in mind - use it as your guide if you're ever at a loss over whether or not you should be feeding something to your child.

The second that stood out and seemed so obvious yet so difficult to live by is to be a food role model. If you stash candy in the top drawer and grab a piece every few hours, your child will start picking up on this habit at a very early age. If you obsess about your weight and what you eat, or are a really picky, finicky eater, your child may also start to become conscious of his or her weight at a young age or become very picky about what they eat. So, something else to keep in mind!

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