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I have been getting some friendly “reminders” recently to keep blogging.  I appreciate this and love to know that people are still reading.  However, I only have a couple of days per week that I devote to work, and unfortunately that leaves little time for blogging.  But, I do try to update my Facebook page as often as possible with current articles or events in the nutrition world.  So, for those of you that need to get your nutrition fix each week, check PWN’s Facebook page out!

For those who don’t have Facebook, here are a couple recent articles I have posted:

Click HERE to read about the increasing popularity of corporate wellness programs.  I find this really interesting because not only are employees happier and healthier due to their companies’ wellness efforts, but the companies themselves are actually cutting back on healthcare expenses!  A win-win.

Click HERE to read about the importance of eating a varied diet.  I love the inclusion of how variety (or lack thereof) can affect a child’s diet and food preferences.  Children emulate their parents, so if you’re picky, your kid is likely to be picky too!  We cannot hold them to different expectations than those we have for ourselves.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!