Giving Up Soda… Forever

I see many clients who have some type of addiction to soda.  Some drink a few each day, others a few per week.  Most of them find it comforting in some way, and believe it is relatively harmless because they are drinking the diet version. 

You have heard the statistics on soda, and the effects the sugar in soda has on our teeth, bones, and weight gain.  You may even have read by now that diet sodas also harm our teeth and bones, and cause us to gain weight. 

Apparently, the largest soda companies are now on the hunt for a soda that is low in calories, contains no artificial sweeteners, and still tastes good.  They are investing millions of dollars in research, and are optimistic that there will be some type of beverage that fits this mold on the market within a few years (read full article HERE).

In the meantime, I suggest that you simply get off of soda completely.  The “next best thing” in the soda world will only turn out to be just as harmful ten years down the line as our current sodas are now.

One of the first things I address with clients is their soda intake.  We discuss it, and then we begin taking steps to end it.  And most of the time, this works.  Many of my clients are able to successfully give up soda, forever, and as a result of this, they experience increased energy, weight loss, decreased sugar cravings, more mental clarity, decreased headaches, and less dependence on caffeine overall.  Many of these people reflect back on where they were six months earlier, and cannot believe how dependent they once were on soda.

I provide clients with a list of alternative beverages that can satisfy their need for something other than water, and have health benefits on top of that.  This is a small change that can make a huge difference.  If you’re interested in facing your soda addiction and making a big change, let me know!  I would love to help.